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Product Core Concept

iDC currently offers three major products including Standard Membership, VIP Membership and Single Module Class. The offerings effectively help students obtain professional information, industry information, accumulation of vocational skills as well as developing professional thinking, therefore lead to  correct positioning, detailed planning and rapid advancement in competitive workplace environment

End to End User Learning Experiences

Personalized Training

Flexible Training Schedules

Short-Term Intense Training

Training duration is usually less than three months. Members may select Single Module Class, so as to focus on training in one specific area

Mid-Term Systematical Training

Learning duration: three month
Members may choose Standard Membership or VIP Membership, so as to use system approach to plan careerpath and improve through learning.

Long-Term Social Learning

Duration is more than three months
Members are invited to the small groups. so as to establish long term relationships with other members and grow together

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