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iDC Products & Services

DC has developed a unique systematic career planning solution, that allows students to effectively learn the lifelong skills needed to develop a fulfilling career.

Online iDC training consists of 6 main modules — Self-Discovery, Industry Know-how, Job Applications, Interview Skills, Networking Skills, and Career Advancement.

iDC Standard Membership include:

Standard Membership

VIP Membership with Exclusive Services

Renewal Membership

Online Career Planning Course Series

1-1 HR Consulting Services

** Disclaimer: iDC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify its products and services.

Pricing List

Pricing List


Standard Membership C$3500

VIP Membership C$6000

Renewal Membership (Per Year)


Single Module

Module 1: Self-Discovery C$599

Module 2:Industry Know -how C$599

Module 3:Job Applications C$3500

Module 4:Interview Skills C$599

Module 5:Networking SkillsC$599

Module 6:Career Advancement C$599

HR Consulting Services

Every 30 minutesC$75

Every 45 minutes C$100

Every 60 minutesC$120

iDC Training Curriculum

  • Each year, iDC provides career planning training for 3 terms, i.e. Summer, Fall, and Winter. In each term, enrolled students will be assigned to one class with a maximum of 50 students.
  • Training will be conducted in multiple phases, including online career planning, 2-day face- to-face career boot camp, follow-up Q&A, and customized consultation & assessment.
  • iDC will help all students identify the career goals and career paths that fit well with their interests, strengths, and backgrounds. iDC will provide annual support to students with respect to their job applications, networking practices, and career advancement.
  • iDC will evaluate students’ training performances at 3 levels, i.e. A – Exceeds Expectations, B – Meets Expectation, and C-Below Expectations. “A” students may get referral job opportunities.
iDC Summer Curriculum (08/2018 – 11/2018)

HR & Mentor Roadshow at University of Toronto

Module 1:Self-discovery
Introduce career planning methodology and practical tools to help students explore their career interests, passions, and strengths
Module 2 2:Industry Know-How
Understand North American financial services industry trends, organizational structure, and career paths
Module 3:Job Applications
Define a career goal and career path that fit with your passions, experience, and skills
Create a good resume and cover letter that will get you interview opportunities
Module 4: Interviewing Skills
Diagnose interview questions for different scenarios, including general HR, technical, behavioral, telephone and panel interviews, to help you secure an offer
Module 5:   Networking Skills
Introduce effective networking skills to tackle hidden employment opportunities and build industry connections
Module 6:  Career Advancement
Prepare for an effective onboarding, including the first day, the first month and the first 3 months
Introduce useful techniques for the early career stage, e.g. business email writing, performance appraisal and promotion etc.
  • 1 day – HR panel
  • 1 day – Industry mentors discuss major career paths

(Capital Markets, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Risk Management, Finance, Accounting, Compliance, Business Analytics, IT & Operations)

End of day networking sessions

  • Students prepare their resume, cover letter, interview answers, and industry research to be reviewed by iDC
  • Introduce networking opportunity and provide advice and consultations

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